Марафон выступлений со сцены.

Вот и состоялся у меня марафон проектов. Три проекта: шестой, седьмой и восьмой в трех разных клубах Tostmasters. Готовилась серьезно. Предварительно договорилась с ментором. Разработала темы. Сделала презентации. И вот беда — заболела. И прямо в день выступления. Поэтому 6 проект, где нужно было «играть» голосом и с трудом проговорила. Голос упрямо отказывался слушаться, прямо во время выступления поднималась температура.

Мой блог и статьи всегда помогают мне с выбором темы и благо я выбрала выступление с демонстрацией полезной информации, а не с презентацией сольно-вокальных данных в песенном жанре) Было бы странным и фальшивым, если бы я во время рассказа о колесе жизненного баланса начала бы брать октавы голосом и театрально замирать в паузах с последующем ускорением темпа)

Спасло и то, что проект был на русском. С иностранным языком в таком состоянии я бы провалилась.

Проект седьмой был связан с экспертностью и был на французском языке. Я еще была нездорова, но вполне вытянула тему на презентации и собственном опыте. Плюс, не смотря на заранее составленный текст я с удивлением поняла, что мне нет смысла его заучивать. Я вполне смогла рассказать своими словами. Да, с паузами… периодически вспоминала слова… да и грамматика была слабовата. Но меня вполне поняли. Растем во французском потихоньку. К тому же постоянная практика французского и подготовка к DELF дает свои плоды.

Восьмой впервые готовился для выступления в клубе английского языка. Тема была выбрана интересная, немного пикантная и с юмором. Важно было собрать воедино все приобретенные навыки оратора и ярко выступить. Что я считаю, у меня получилось. Текст восьмого проекта я прикладываю:


The tricks of a blonde traveler.


Travel is my biggest hobby. At first it was Crimea, then the hotels of Turkey and Egypt. Then the corporative meetings in the Baltics. Then Europe. But one day I completely planned my trip to France. I was then seven months pregnant. And after that I started to travel a lot and myself. Only during pregnancy I visited Spain, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, France.

Then I traveled a lot with working visits, with a child, alone, with my family, to Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Why do I get it easily and positively? Probably because I do not take it too seriously. My friend said that because I’m a blonde. And I have some secrets that I use. Do you want me to tell them to you?

  • 1. I choose and book my plane tickets. If there is a transplant, then I choose a long-term transplant. So I kill two birds with one stone: I see another city through which I fly, and I arrive at the final point of the trip. 5 times I flew through Riga and during this time thoroughly examined it. 2 times I walked in the center of Chisinau. On the way I visited Berlin, Geneva, Kiev, Barcelona and so on.
  • 2. I find new friends in advance. Of course, you can get acquainted with it, but it’s more pleasant in advance. It can be dating sites, forums, blogs, special sites for travelers. By the way, dating sites help me very well. Thanks to new acquaintances, I examined not only Paris, but also its surroundings. And in Nice, I almost never traveled on my own. I was always ready to meet with my son, give him a lift, treat him, make a company, show the city and even give presents. Thanks to the owner of the apartment in Japan, I examined Tokyo and the surroundings so quickly and qualitatively and did not get lost anywhere.
  • 3. I use the fact that I am a woman: my charm, smile, weakness … and the men are the first to rush to the aid and thanks to this I created my own trips especially memorable. Is it bad when they meet you at the airport or bring your bags or invite you to a restaurant or even prepare dinner in your kitchen))) And all this does not oblige me to anything!


I’ll tell you the story of how I traveled with my son in 2014 on the Cote d’Azur of France with almost no money.

My friend from France invited me and her son to visit. She gave me a free apartment. Just come. I had money for tickets. But there was very little left for life and entertainment.

Then I decided that I needed support. New friends who will meet me and help in the process of our vacation.

And I decided that these new friends would be Russian men who live on the Cote d’Azur.

I went to a dating site. I bought a Vip status. I went into the search. I set up filters on the Côte d’Azur of France and began an active search.

I chose 50 applicants and each sent a short message: «I’m going to the Cote d’Azur. Problems with housing and facilities are not present. I would like to make new friends to have a company. Maybe we’ll even make friends. »

The answers were 25. The answers were different. But most were ready to meet and talk and even help me.

To these men I sent the following message: «By the way, for the first time I’m traveling to the Cote d’Azur with my three-year-old son. It will be good if you tell me the places that you can visit with the child »

12 people responded to this message.

I continued to communicate with them. And on the Cote d’Azur I flew with 8 telephones

Me and my son were met at night in Nice airport by car and drove to Mandelieu-la-Napoule, where my apartment was. I have not seen this person again, but we are still in correspondence.

I was given a wonderful tour of Nice.

Showed the most popular cafes and restaurants in Cannes.

We escorted to the zoo in Frejus.

I visited Grasse, where I received a gift of favorite perfume.

I drove through the cities of the Cote d’Azur.

I walked around Monaco.

I even went to Marseilles and spent a great time there with an interesting and intelligent person.

And yes, they were different people. And no — they did not demand anything in return. They just liked this pastime.

And I often use this technology if I need to visit a new city. I’m always welcome, I’m happy and I have new friends.


Do you want to know my nearest plans? I’m going on a trip. I’m on the way: Minsk, Warsaw, Nice and the entire French Riviera, Cluj-Napoca, Cologne. I look forward to in France and there is already a big program. I already planned that I will look in Cologne and Minsk. I will have an excursion around Warsaw at night. And by the way, I’m already waiting in Warsaw for a meeting of the Toastmasters club.

I wish you interesting and inspiring travel.

Чтобы закончить первый уровень в ораторском мастерстве по системе Toastmasters остается еще 9 и 10 проекты. О них вы в свое время узнаете. А пока я готовлюсь к дружеской встрече с участниками клуба Toastmasters в Варшаве и конкурсу юмористических речей в Ницце. Пожелайте мне удачи

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